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Cristina Scarpellini, wineproducer in Valtellina since 2008, is the soul of Tenuta Scerscé. Right from the beginning she has stepped into the Valtellina context with patience and respect, taking care of this fascinating yet fragile territory. In Milan she graduated in law after writing a research thesis at the University of Paris Sorbonne, Panthéon Assas II, which has held her in Paris for about two years. After returning to Italy, Cristina decided to pursue a legal career. Thanks to a collaboration in Milan, a few years later she began a career that allowed her to specialize in enterprise internationalization. This is how she crossed the path with Valtellina.

Passionate about Nebbiolo and forward-looking in her corporate vision, she took on the challenge at all levels. She began a search path based on a deep knowledge of the territory and daily care for her vineyards, which in this Alpine area require a great deal of effort due to its steep slopes. A vertical land that repays the effor only to those who have spirit of sacrifice and work with heart and passion.

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