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Flammante is a noun adjective rich in meaning, literally Flaming.
It is inspired by the “infernal” semantics. Inferno in fact is the name of the area where it originates,
a testimony of an agriculture that conquers its extraordinary masterpieces

tearing them from the hardness of the Rhaetian rock, describing a wine with a “fiery” character,
warm and full, difficult to extinguish.

Ruby red color tending to garnet. Intense aroma of small fruits, wild plum. Floral tones of rose and lilac. Mineral, with spicy and alpine herbs notes. Elegant and with character, dry and very fresh. It fits perfectly with white and red meat, game and roasts, first dishes with sauce, hard and mature cheese.

Sandy loam soil with abundant skeleton, moderately deep and permeable to water.

Harvested rigorously by hand. The pressing is done immediately after the harvest, followed by a classical red vinification and a maceration on the skins for about 30 days.

Aging in barrels followed by refinement in bottle and darkness.

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