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“This work represents continuous research to me,
where a doubt is always a question,
where respect, dedication
and attention to detail
are the starting point, always.”

We are strongly morivated to create wines that are a direct expression of their territory and that can convey our mindset and personality along with our tenacious search for quality. Over the years, our approach in the vineyard has become more and more thorough, first of all by analyzing the soil in each vineyard so as to acknowledge its characteristics and improve its performance. The new cellar is designed according to sustainable and innovative parameters, a new space that allows to keep studying and experimenting with new types of tank and by lenghtening the wine aging in the bottle.

A link between past and present, a union between bequeathed manual skills and contemporary tools, in full respect of tradition. People are a central part of this concept and contribute to shaping its character and identity. The company logo is the traditional two-pronged hoe which originates from farming culture and which is used when working on the ground around the shoot and roots of the vines.

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