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Valtellina, one of the few longitudinal alpine valleys and land close to the Rhaetian Alps, is the largest terraced vineyard area in Italy. The outstanding architecture of the terraced vineyards along the steep and winding slopes of the valley shows the eyes and heart the Beauty and Care of the hand work of humankind. Over the years, by levelling the mountain slopes and crushing rocks, men have created patches of fertile land, backed up by 2,500 km of stone walls, whose art is now UNESCO Intangible Heritage. A great millennial work, a unique testimony to a still-living cultural tradition.

The outcropping rocks, remnants of the millenary work of the glacier that once covered the valley, store in heat and release it during the whole year, thus operating as heat reservoirs that mitigate the coldest days and help the vigorous growth of the Nebbiolo, here called Chiavennasca. Its microclimate is fertile ground for biodiversity.
A vertical viticulture where the landscape is a sun-lighted geometry of terraces. Thanks to the untiring work of ProVinea Foundation, Valtellina is today included in the register of National Historical Rural Landscapes.

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