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Luca Gardini, the scores to Nettare and Infinito

“Rosso di Valtellina and Sforzato di Valtellina are “the extremes” of the wines produced by Cristina Scarpellini’s Tenuta Scerscé, a young reality that I want to praise and encourage to continue on this path. The wines they make have identity, balance and great personality. Really, really interesting.”

So writes Luca Gardini on his Intagram account.

«Rosso di Valtellina DOC Nettare 2018: great drinkability and extreme recognizability of Nebbiolo di Valtellina, with aromas of pomegranate and strawberry, fresh on the palate with balsamic finish. 93/100

Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG Infinito 2017: one of the best ever tasted for tension and crispness. On the nose hints of blackberries with blasting of citrus, salt in the mouth, freshness and balsamic notes of eucalyptus. 95+/100»

Many thanks to Luca Gardini for these wonderful scores.

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